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Repair kit for fuel lines
Repairing fuel lines is often problematic if the required co
mponents are not
available. By means of the repair kit, smaller defective spo
ts on fuel lines can
be repaired quickly and efficiently:
• Rusted-through areas on steel tubes
• Embrittled areas on plastic pipes
• Kinked plastic pipes
• Broken plugs, e.g. from disassembly during filter replacem
• Suitable for steel or plastic pipes with an outside diamet
er of 8 or 10 mm.
• Junctions of the different materials are possible (plastic
pipe – steel tube;
rubber hose – steel tube; rubber hose - plastic pipe).
Within scope of supply:
The most common connections for fuel filters, fuel pump conn
ectors and fuel pumps.
Operating pressure: absolute max. 5 bar
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Different scope of delivery: oil pump repair kit,
consisting of cover housing, screws, rotors and
oil pressure valve
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