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1232403035 1232403035 Akumulatora uzlādes ierīce
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"Banner Accucharger PROfessional 35A charger
The workshop professional.
An intelligent battery charging system with animated user gu
idance. Fully automatic charging and user mode for the indiv
idual setting of charging parameters. Constant voltage for
diagnosis and software flashes. Including refresh mode for d
eep discharged battery and support operation function. Charg
ing current of up to 35A, IUoU/IU charging characteristic, I
P44. Suitable for 6/12/24V wet, AGM, Ca/Ca, start/stop and G
EL batteries."
1240000020 1240000020 Akumulatora uzlādes ierīce
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"Banner Accucharger 2A 6/12V charger
Fully automatic 6/12V charger.
The very latest, microprocessor-controlled technology guaran
tees first class battery charging, maximum safety and very s
imple operation. Charge levels are shown per LED display. I
deal for charging motorcycle and vehicle batteries, as well
as safe charge retention. Including mounting hooks and an ex
tensive range of accessories. 2A charging current and 14.7V
maximum charging voltage. Suitable for 6/12V wet, AGM, star
t/stop and GEL batteries."
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